Hire The Most Qualified Law Team To Represent You

You have several options to choose from when the time comes to hire a motorcycle accident attorney. So, why should you hire our team at Riderzlaw? There are several reasons.

What our Team Does

We specialize in motorcycle accident claims at Riderzlaw. Therefore, we know everything there is to know about these claims. When you choose us for your legal representation, we will

  1. Meet with you and offer a free consultation to learn more about your accident, injuries, damages, and what happened when you were hurt
  2. Work to make sure we have all repairs taken care of, at no cost to you, or have your bike replaced (full value), at no cost to you
  3. Work to find out exactly what happened at the scene: we’ll interview witnesses, look at the police report, review camera footage, etc.
  4. Work to get you all medical treatment, medication, and doctor visits you might require (at no cost)
  5. Help you with issues at work, if you can’t work or need to take time off

We will work with you to make sure you are properly cared for, have the right medical attention, and that you get your bike back, or a replacement, at no cost to you.

We’ll work on the settlement

Once we get all the details and make sure you are okay, we’ll work on your behalf to make sure you are compensated justly. Not only do we make sure your medical bills are taken care of and that damage is paid for by the party at fault, we’ll work to ensure you receive damages you might be entitled to, above this. Some damages may include

  • Emotional distress
  • Time off work (compensation for time you can’t work)
  • Future lost wages, in case you can’t do the same work due to major injuries
  • Damages from city/state personnel (if it was caused by defective equipment/roadways, etc.), or damages from companies (if you were involved in an accident with an employee, driver, etc.)

We’ll make sure that you are made whole again, and that you receive all compensation and damages which you should receive. You were not at fault, and if not for the accident, you wouldn’t be experiencing the problems you are currently dealing with. Our team at Riderzlaw will work to ensure we do all we can to help you receive the appropriate compensation, and to ensure your properly cared for and receive all necessary medical attention you require, now and in the future, after your accident claim