What Are the Reasons You Might Need a Business Attorney?

If you operate a small business or are considering starting one, you undoubtedly have a lot on your mind daily. There are several things to consider, including marketing, advertising, hiring, planning and scheduling, taxation, labor, and many others. And, with so many things on your mind, the last thing you need to be worried about or focus your attention on is legal issues or litigation.

Having a skilled and experienced business lawyer is a must to make your present business a success. When it comes to beginning a business or expanding an existing one, you should be informed that it is indeed a long, drawn-out process that will always need time, effort, and money. Early on in the process of founding an organization, hiring a lawyer may provide you with a lot of time and money in the long run.

The incredible thing is that hiring an attorney who will undoubtedly assist you is now easier than it has ever been. Here are some reasons why every small company owner should engage an experienced and skilled attorney to help them.

Incorporating and Forming Partnerships

  • Having your business attorney is essential when you’re just getting started with your own business that you’ll expose to the market. Otherwise, you may be putting your firm on a shaky base. When establishing a company, it’s also crucial to seek legal advice. You’ll have a lot of choices; all you have to do now is pick one that gives you the greatest freedom, development, and profit potential.

Managing Employee Problems

  • The next step is to deal with a legal matter or a disagreement with one of your workers. It would be best if you kept in mind that these are concerns that might jeopardize your financial line and your capacity to hire competent staff in the future.

Discussing the Purchases and Sales of a Company

  • We all know that a firm does not always stay at the top; occasionally, it falls to the bottom, and that is when a business owner must decide whether to sell their current business or buy another. And these aren’t the kinds of decisions you want to make carelessly. An attorney will undoubtedly help you negotiate the sale or acquisition of a business by expediting the process and removing the legal hazards often connected with such deals.

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Why You May Need A Wills And Trust Attorney

One should be prepared for the eventuality that one may not be able to manage his estate. For example, ill health can declare someone incompetent to administer property. In addition to that, the death of someone may bring chaos or conflict when it comes to succession.

Whereas you can do some legal work through DIY or through online platforms, such platforms are not reliable, and problems could arise. The most prudent thing to do is to seek the legal assistance of a wills and trust attorney.

The wills and trust attorney is going to offer you a professional work in preparing your will. At the center of this process is the need to remove any ambiguity or multiple interpretations. In connection to this, you are going to keep in touch with your attorney should you need to update your will or trust.

When you draft the documents, the wills and trust attorney is going to ensure that the pre-determined instructions are implemented to the latter. This is done according to your wishes and your exact prescription.

By choosing a wills and trusts attorney, your next of kin will avoid a prolonged, tedious, and demanding court case in the case of your death.

Stones & Sallus

There are many companies in the legal market which can offer services on real estate planning. Choosing the right one is not an easy task. If you are in Southern California, Stones & Sallus stands out among the others in offering wills and trust services.

The company has a well-trained team of legal professions who are going to meet, and in deed exceed, your expectations. It has accumulated vast experience in the field and is able to manage complex cases.

The company understands that different clients have different legal needs and preferences. What this company does is to listen to the case that a client presents, and offers viable and sustainable solutions. The company does not make a decision for the client, but rather, helps the client to make an informed decision from a list of available options. All this is done at reasonable prices.

Stones & Sallus is a certified and licensed company. It has received various recognitions in the field of wills and trust litigation.

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DUI: What Happens When You Get One and How DUI Lawyers Work

Obviously, no one plans to get a DUI. However, it can be easy to underestimate the effects of alcohol and how it can impact your ability to drive. If you do end up with a humiliating arrest while driving while intoxicated, it’s imperative to understand what happens when you get a DUI.

A DUI charge can be a debilitating experience. The average cost for a DUI could potentially land at around $10,000. Additional consequences are jail time, loss of driver’s license, higher insurance premiums, and mandatory participation in DUI education programs.

Another potential consequence is the loss of driving privileges for anywhere from six months to a year, thus you will need to rely on someone else to drive you around for the time being (unless you’re planning on taking public transportation). Your employment could also be negatively impacted.

Additionally, you may also be unable to travel internationally after being charged with a DUI.

Aside from the monetary penalties and inconveniences of not being able to drive or travel, there are the emotional scars one could receive from a DUI. It could impact how people view you, or how you view yourself. It’s a very difficult experience to go through.

This is where lawyers specializing in DUI cases play a crucial role. The primary duties of a DUI lawyer are to represent individuals accused of DUIs by providing legal services and working on their behalf. This includes examining state and federal laws that pertain to the case at hand, investigating potential defenses, executing requests for subpoenas or warrants, handling discovery requests, negotiating plea agreements, filing briefs with courts, challenging convictions, arguing before appellate courts, responding to appeals from states or districts other than where they are licensed to practice law, seeking writs of habeas corpus in some cases.

DUI lawyers try to get sentences reduced or even dropped entirely and address issues relating to license suspension and vehicle impoundment.

DUI lawyers are a valuable resource for those who have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

If you’re ever arrested for a DUI, it’s important to know exactly what to do and how to handle the situation. It’s imperative that you contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible so they can help guide you through the process. The sooner you hire one, the better – but don’t wait until you’re already in jail! These professionals will … Read the rest

Reasons To Consult With A Tax Lawyer

Tax time has a tendency to be a very stressful time for many and not just those who are accountants. Speaking of accountants, they can be of great help when dealing with tax issues, but sometimes you need further assistance from a tax attorney. This may sound a bit scary, but we can assure you that it is truly no big deal. Tax attorneys work with the general public on a regular basis and have been trained to properly handle most things pertaining to taxes. They will be able to help you with past issues and also better prepare for your future. An orange county tax attorney could truly

Tax attorneys specialize in both the complex and technical issues of tax law. They are essential for getting any legal or technical issues involving your taxes under control. They can easily solve any problem due to their expertise, but they can also prevent any issues from occurring if you seek out their assistance prior to filing your taxes. It’s also of great importance to keep in mind the fact that the vast majority of tax attorneys have experience in accounting in some capacity.

Making the decision to create and launch your own business can be very exciting, but it simply can not be stressed enough just how important tax advice from an expert actually is. Whether it be a limited liability company or a joint venture, you need to have a solid understand of the tax laws that will now apply to you. The way that you decide to formally structure your organization, the method used to pay employees, and the way in which investments are made are all subject to potentially serious tax concerns. Setting up your company in a way that is deemed to be appropriate by the IRS is sure to ensure that your business is successful at avoiding tax issues.

The finances of your estate can be complex thanks to a multitude of issues. You may have been married multiple times in the past and went on to have children with different partners. Maybe your property is actually co-owned by someone else. Regardless of the cause of the complexities, having the assistance of an orange county tax attorney can only help you. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and provide you with an immense amount of helpful information regarding the situation you … Read the rest

How Family Law Works

The application of family law deals with all aspects of the law governing family relations. A family law attorney prepares and files petitions in court, as well as represents his or her client. Some jurisdictions have family courts designated for this purpose, where all these aspects are judged. In other areas, family law matters are heard in municipal, district or circuit courts. At lowenthal-hawaii.com you can get the best advice.

There are several cases that fall under the general term of family law:

  • Prenuptial agreements: It is becoming increasingly common for couples planning their wedding to agree to have an attorney draw up a contract that legally binds them. This document details the disposition of their current and future assets in the event of a divorce or the death of one of the spouses. This document will be presented by the lawyer in court. These arrangements are particularly convenient for couples who are marrying in a second marriage and already have children or grandchildren even from the previous marriage, or such arrangements tend to be very common when one spouse has more wealth or assets than the other.
  • Divorces: Many couples who separate need the full legal assistance of a professional in order to legally disassociate themselves from their former spouse. In the case of domestic violence, a family law attorney may apply to the court for a restraining order to prevent the abuser from continuing to abuse his spouse or dispose of the marital property until the judge signs a partnership agreement.
  • Paternity cases: It is often the case that many mothers want the father of their child to be legally and financially responsible for the child, or in the case of a father who wants to establish paternity of his child, he will need to have an experienced family law attorney to advise him of all the legal steps he needs to take.
  • Child support, custody and visitation: In divorce cases or when the relationship that the child is born with ends, it is necessary to make a custody agreement that defines which of the two parents will live with the child most of the time. If the relationship ends on good terms, the parents usually agree between themselves, but it is very common for one of the parties to need a lawyer to defend his or her custody rights.

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A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Be The Deciding Element In Your Case

There are many reasons why many people today find it very beneficial to acquire the services of a personal injury attorney, such as those of Kermani LLP. They already know how to deal with any case and will always seek to obtain the best deal for their client, so here are several advantages of acquiring their services:

A lawyer has the certainty of how much you can earn with your claim

It is very common for most people to have no idea how and how much money they can get through a personal injury claim. While there are many tools available on the internet that can help you try to calculate your claim, knowing how to use them and get an accurate figure is very complex. However, every case, every situation is unique and deserves a little more in-depth study to determine and analyze your injuries and all the implications that this entails, so it is key to leave it in the hands of experts who have knowledge of how the whole process of taking a case to an insurance company works and be able to obtain the maximum benefit for you.

They know the whole legal process

Even if you have some prior knowledge and manage to approximate the value of your personal injury claim, not knowing the legal and judicial process almost entirely diminishes the chances of obtaining a fair result on your claim. There are many reasons for this, the most common being not knowing what documents to bring, filling out forms incorrectly, not knowing the laws that could benefit you, etc. Keep in mind that insurance companies will not hesitate to win your case for lack of a legal proceeding. Having a specialized attorney will prevent us from losing money for not following the procedure properly or not filing a document as it should be.

An attorney will increase your chances greatly

Sadly, this is normal and happens more often than we imagine that insurance companies take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge about their rights. They know that they have more tools to dissuade you and try to give you the settlement that will best benefit them. That is why having a personal injury lawyer from Kermani LLP will help you receive the best possible settlement.

All legal issues can become very complex and stressful. The attorneys at Kermani LLP can help you in a … Read the rest

3 Things to Prepare when Meeting a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

The qualifications of the lawyer you hire and their experience are some of the things that inform how the process unfolds and the results you get. As such, it is crucial to invest both finances and time to find the right fit. With a vast selection of lawyers available, kentonslawoffice.com stands out as one of the best in the field. When you make an appointment with them, there are several things that you should do to ensure that you cover all the bases. These are;


Write all the facts that are essential in the case. Write down crucial details to ensure that you do not forget anything. The chronological order of the events allows you to define the timeline, which is vital for the process. Some of the things you should include are dates of hiring and injury. Also, discuss the medical summary from the time you got hurt to the moment this should cover the place you got initial treatment for the damage. You should include the method used to notify the employer, the person that received your report.


Your narration needs backing with materials that reflect dates and timelines. These can be in the form of accident reports, medical papers, and information on the providers that helped you with the injury. If you have had previous injuries provide details on what each entailed. Communication between the employer and insurance company also comes to play, and it should come with contact information for both parties.


At kentonslawoffice.com, you get to explore your situation and seek an understanding of your case with the guidance of qualified professionals. Therefore, you should take the appointment as an opportunity to get a clearer picture. Some of the questions you should ask include;

Who handles my case? In such settings, there is a lot of delegations. Thus, you should know who will be on your team. The person overseeing the case links you to your contact person, and this makes communication easy.

How much do you charge, and how do you handle the payment process? You need to ensure that their fees are within your scope. Also, there are different methods to collect payment as there are expenses deductible from the settlement.


For all hires, especially when they are handling something as delicate as a compensation case, you should go through reviews and feedback. This allows you to gain … Read the rest

Why Hiring An Employee Rights Attorney Is So Important

An employee rights attorney is something that many people don’t realize is an option for them. They can feel weighed down, stressed, and depressed that they have to fight for their rights on their own. But that isn’t the case. There are dedicated professionals whose sole purpose is to take that stress away, fight on your behalf, and get you what you deserve. But why is hiring an employee rights attorney so important?

Knowing your rights:

You may not know exactly what your rights as an employee even are. This is not your fault, the system was designed this way. They don’t want you to know your rights, because then they don’t have to give them to you. If you don’t know what you are entitled to, how are you going to ensure you are getting it? By hiring a professional who does. Professionals from respectable sites, such as employeerightsattorneygroup.com, will make sure you understand, and get, everything that you are owed by your employer.

Protection against discrimination or harassment:

You might be lucky enough to have a workplace that treats everyone equally, one which is free from discrimination and harassment. Or you might not. Many people are discriminated against by their employer, or colleagues, for all kinds of things: Gender, age, sexual orientation, race, or more. This is completely illegal, yet often nothing is done about it. Having an employee rights attorney in your corner can ensure that this kind of discrimination comes to an end.

Negotiation power:

Negotiating with your employer can be hard work, you aren’t sure all the laws around what they should and should not be providing for you. You may not fully understand how your pension works, and if you are informed there have been changes made you may not understand them. Your employee rights attorney will understand them, they will make sure you don’t have your pension stolen away by greedy employers.

Legal representation:

Should it come to it, your attorney will fight for you in court to get you what you deserve. Representing yourself against your employer, and their lawyer, might seem like a noble idea; but you will lose. When it comes to the courtroom you will want the best person fighting for your rights, don’t risk it all by trying to do it yourself. Hire a professional.

One more word:

Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into … Read the rest

Hire The Most Qualified Law Team To Represent You

You have several options to choose from when the time comes to hire a motorcycle accident attorney. So, why should you hire our team at Riderzlaw? There are several reasons.

What our Team Does

We specialize in motorcycle accident claims at Riderzlaw. Therefore, we know everything there is to know about these claims. When you choose us for your legal representation, we will

  1. Meet with you and offer a free consultation to learn more about your accident, injuries, damages, and what happened when you were hurt
  2. Work to make sure we have all repairs taken care of, at no cost to you, or have your bike replaced (full value), at no cost to you
  3. Work to find out exactly what happened at the scene: we’ll interview witnesses, look at the police report, review camera footage, etc.
  4. Work to get you all medical treatment, medication, and doctor visits you might require (at no cost)
  5. Help you with issues at work, if you can’t work or need to take time off

We will work with you to make sure you are properly cared for, have the right medical attention, and that you get your bike back, or a replacement, at no cost to you.

We’ll work on the settlement

Once we get all the details and make sure you are okay, we’ll work on your behalf to make sure you are compensated justly. Not only do we make sure your medical bills are taken care of and that damage is paid for by the party at fault, we’ll work to ensure you receive damages you might be entitled to, above this. Some damages may include

  • Emotional distress
  • Time off work (compensation for time you can’t work)
  • Future lost wages, in case you can’t do the same work due to major injuries
  • Damages from city/state personnel (if it was caused by defective equipment/roadways, etc.), or damages from companies (if you were involved in an accident with an employee, driver, etc.)

We’ll make sure that you are made whole again, and that you receive all compensation and damages which you should receive. You were not at fault, and if not for the accident, you wouldn’t be experiencing the problems you are currently dealing with. Our team at Riderzlaw will work to ensure we do all we can to help you receive the appropriate compensation, and to ensure your properly cared for and receive all necessary medical … Read the rest

Personal CPA in Orange County

It’s not just businesses that need help with their accounting. If you are considering a new start up venture and want to set up the accounting and financials for this, where do you begin? Or, if you are dealing with issues stemming from back taxes or failure to file or pay taxes for a few years, who do you call and how do you start to repay the IRS? These are a few of the many questions that a CPA in Orange County will answer for you. 

Personal tax compliance 

With changes to the tax code and law, even a simple personal tax return isn’t as simple as it used to be. A CPA in Orange County can help you weed through your taxes, your earnings, income, expenditures, and more. Some of the questions you don’t know how to answer, or if there is some income you don’t know how to categorize, a CPA will work with you to ensure you are properly filing your returns during tax season.

Year Round or Seasonal Help

Another reason to work with a CPA in Orange County for tax and accounting, is that you can hire them on a one-time basis, once a year to file your taxes, or you can choose to work with them year round to help you with more complex financial statements and accounting. Everyone is different. In some cases, it really is a simple question that you need answered or help you need when it comes to filing your tax return for the year. But, if you have more complicated issues, have income from multiple sources, or don’t know how to maintain your receipts for a new business you are setting up as a personal tax filer, then having a CPA work with you might be highly beneficial. And, you can have them work with you at any point of the year to help you with setting up and maintaining your accounting and financial records.

No two cases are the same, and no two tax or accounting issues are going to have the same resolution because of this. If you are dealing with certain questions, or if you are not sure how to go about filing your taxes, or dealing with accounting issues you are finding in your financial records, it is a good idea to reach out to the top CPA in Orange County to have them … Read the rest