How Far in Meters Will the Vehicles Slide After the Collision

National Biomechanics Institute uses accident reconstruction to determine how an injury or accident occurs. Using the latest technology it is possible to reconstruct the incidences that lead up to a particular injury or wreck. National Biomechanics Institute uses physical evidence to analyze the different situations. Information such as tire marks, scrapes on the road, vehicle damage, blood pools, surveillance videos, and other physical evidence is able to be put together to reconstruct the incident.

Licensed engineers use their extensive knowledge, training, and experience to reconstruct accidents. There expertise does not just include car crashes, but vehicle malfunction, pedestrians, and work incidences. National Biomechanics Institute certifies their engineers to use many different technologies to reconstruct an accident. Those include:

  • Drone mapping
  • Photogranmetry
  • PC-Crash, V-Crash
  • FARO laser scanning
  • Crash Data Retrieval
  • Infotainment imaging

Understanding what each of the tools that the engineers are trained to use is important in understanding how accident reconstruction occurs. Drone mapping is a technology that is used to map out the scene. It is able to build a detailed map of the area where the accident occurred. The drone not only can map out the area but can also provide aerial photographs of the scene. HAving this ability may show more landmarks or evidence for the accident reconstruction. Photogrammetry is another useful tool for accident reconstruction. This tool can build a 3D model from photographs of the accident vehicle or of landmarks/locations that are important to the accident. Some vehicles are equipped with crash data retrieval systems that show airbag deployment and such. FARO laser scanners are able to give detailed 3D pictures in all different environments. The V-Crash is a software that information is placed into it and then it gives an animation of how the wreck or incident occurred. The simulation is able to reconstruct analyses of passenger vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and many other types.

In some areas it is possible to get an expert team on scene quickly after the accident. This allows for the evidence to be gathered and preserved quickly so that it does not have time to deteriorate before an exam can be done. Engineers are constantly kept up to date on latest technologies and are continuously educated. Ongoing research to advance the technologies for accident reconstruction also is a priority of the company.… Read the rest